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Great American Smoke Out 2015 Specials

It's 2015 and another Great American Smoke Out.  It seems like yesterday but our clinic has been treating smokers in Orlando and Central Florida now for almost 10 years!  We've treated close to 9000 people and trained other clinics throughout the world to help their local communities quit smoking with low level laser therapy and counseling. We've helped countless celebrities in Orlando to quit smoking and quite a few major corporations as well. This year we will be offering the Quit Smoking Laser Program for only $209.00!  That's $40.00 off of the standard pricing. Come on in and join the family of ex-smokers so that you can look back on this moment years from now and realize that it was one of the best decisions that you've ever made in your life. The event happens on Nov 18th and we will be treating people all day long for this price but the special ends at the end of the day, so hurry and book your appointment now!  

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7 years of treating smoking and dipping in Orlando and now a new threat

  It's been 7 years since we opened Healing Laser Clinics and started treating smoking in Orlando and at the very least, it's been an amazing journey. I always smile when I think of the thousands of people that we treated and the thousands of lives that were saved as a result of smoking, not to mention the thousands of people and pets that were relieved of second hand smoke as a result of the smoker quitting. The 3 owners of this business opened it because we all quit smoking with laser therapy and were very passionate about helping others. We met a doctor who shared the same passion that we did (Michael E Dillehay) and we opened up. The 3 owners quit smoking with laser therapy after witnessing Melissa Morgan's mom pass away from lung cancer. She was a long time smoker and could never fully quit smoking, even after her diagnosis. We were all 2 and 3 pack per day smokers and we realized that we just had to quit. At the time we tried different pills, As seen on TV products, gums and lozenges. We wanted to quit but we had a very difficult time getting through those first couple of days. We discovered laser therapy, visited a clinic for a 45 minute treatment and never smoked another cigarette. When we opened Healing Laser Clinics in Lake Mary we started treating local DJs and loads of smokers and dippers came to us to quit. We then started treating large corporations and helping corporations to treat their smokers. Over the years, the number of smokers had actually decreased because smoking was becoming increasingly unpopular and anti-social. Healing Laser Clinics then opened HLC Wellness [...]

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Healing Laser Clinics Quit Smoking Laser Therapy featured on Problem Solvers in Orlando

Healing Laser Clinics treated a cameraman and then the Problem Solvers followed him for a few months to see how he would do. He successfully quit! We follow up with Scott every year to ensure that he is doing good.  Still smoke free!  Congratulations Scott!    

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Healing Laser Clinics featured on The Get Fit Club

Sarah was ready to quit smoking because of a family history of cancer.  She smoked for 30 years and was up to 2 packs per day.  Her father is dying from lung cancer and this gave Sarah motivation to quit smoking.  She is now exercising, eating healthy and ready to quit smoking!  Congratulations Sarah!  

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Tobacco in cigarettes has increased over the years

Latest Quit Smoking News According to the Washington Post, Since 1998, cigarette companies have increased the amount of nicotine in cigarettes by an average of 10%, some were increased by 30%.  Because of the highly addictive nature of tobacco, this increase could make it more difficult to quit smoking “cold turkey”. The nicotine in Marlboro cigarettes rose 12% while Kool Lights increased by 30%.  Doral Lights had the largest increase of 36%. Healing Laser Clinics is seconds from I-4 in Lake Mary.  Our stop smoking clinic is easily accessible from Orlando, Longwood, College Park, Lakeland, Ocala and all over Central Florida.  If you have any questions regarding our stop smoking laser treatment, please call and we will be happy to go over the process with you.

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Healing Laser Clinics receives award from American Lung Association

Healing Laser Clinics was honored to receive the Cross of Lorraine award from the Orlando chapter of the American Lung Association.  Mark Marino, President of Healing Laser Clinics was interviewed on local television during the proceedings. Healing Laser Clinics strives to continue to educate and help both people and corporations to quit smoking in Florida.  Mark and the other owners of Healing Laser Clinics are all ex-smokers and understand how difficult it can be to quit and how smoking can have complete control over people's lives. The clinic was started in 2006 after Melissa Morgans mother, Judy passed away from lung cancer. Just was a life long smoker and had difficulty in quitting even after her lung cancer diagnosis.  Shortly after Judy's passing, Melissa vowed to quit smoking and find a way to help others to quit smoking.  After Melissa, Mark and Ken quit smoking with laser therapy, they decided to open their first office in Lake Mary, Florida. With the help of Medical Director, Doctor Michael E Dillehay, Healing Laser Clinics has successfully treated thousands of people throughout the United States.

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Healing Laser Clinics receives award from Know Cancer

Healing Laser Clinics President, Mark Marino has received an award from Know Cancer for their continued efforts in educating people about cancer and providing smoking cessation therapy to Central Floridians.  Josh Snyder presented the award to Mark at the Healing Laser Clinics corporate office in Lake Mary.

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