Celebrities that we treated with our stop smoking laser therapy

Drunky The Bear from Monsters In The Morning gets a stop smoking laser treatment

drunky quit smoking drunky the bear smoking laser drunky of monsters in the morning quits smoking



Tiffany and Drunky get a weight loss wrap in Orlando

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Treating Bubba Wilson of Monsters In The Morning on Real Radio WTKS

Bubba Wilson gets treated for dipping Burt Wilson gets treated for dipping at HLC







  Bubba’s Testimonial:

I remember I was told about Healing Laser Clinics and thought.. well it probably won’t work on me.. but I was totally wrong! After trying to quit dipping Skoal for years because it is more addictive than heroin, i was ready to try anything. All the will power in the world didn’t seem to matter I JUST COULD NOT QUIT. I had quit cigarettes easy, but dipping…jeesh..is so hard , because dipping is like MAIN LINING tobacco right into the large artery in your temple.!! So I knew i needed a powerful strategy to get off the Skoal and the SNUS.

So! off to HEALING LASER CLINIC’S of Lake Mary I went.

After the first easy treatment i was relaxed and I sat and talked to Melissa. Without any scare tactics ,she told me about some of the things she saw on line about dipping, she reminded me of all the good things that would happen to my body if i quit..like my tastebuds coming back and my energy. she explained to me what tobacco does to your mind and body.That helped me alot and helped me to get up a good head of steam for quitting.  I was amazed when i got home…the cravings were not as bad as i remember them being..i was not climbing the walls, and i just QUIT! But just to make sure, i went back for some boosters.

I now have been tobacco FREE! for 2 months! I feel great and was so proud of myself that I started working out and taking much better care of myself . i have lost 12 pounds and got my teeth whitened to get rid of the tobacco stains.. I found out that a little positive energy expended on yourself, causes more positivity and on and on.. so kick off your own cycle and stop dipping/smoking today! and you can do it so easy, with a little help from my wonderful friends at Healing Laser Clinics.

Burt “Bubba” Wilson * bubba@wtks.com
Music Director/ Talent
Monsters in the Morning
WTKS FM Real Radio 104.1
XM Satellite Radio Channel 152


WTKS 104.1 Real Radio Shannon Burke Real Ride Photos

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dixon_willoughby_logo    Testimonial From Richard Dixon of WHTQ 96.5 FM Dixon and Willoughby

Thanks to Healing Laser Clinics, I’ve been smoke free for a year!

I wanted to quit throughout 2006, into 2007, but having been a smoker for a total of 21 years (two brief stops in there) I didn’t think I’d be able to quit.  I could imagine nothing worse than trying to quit and failing…I’ve never failed at ANYTHING, but was scared to even TRY to stop.  When I was told about Healing Laser Clinics, I couldn’t imagine how lasers were going to help me quit…and then they did.  From skeptic to believer in about 30 minutes…now THAT’S powerful!  I haven’t had a smoke since that first visit, and I never will again.

Thanks again, Healing Laser Clinics!


Richard Dixon – WHTQ 96.5