60 Day Dr Supervised Weight Loss

Lose 20-40 pounds in 60 days

The 60 Day Lake Mary Weight Loss Program can help you to easily lose 20-40 pounds in just 60 days without starving or using pre-packaged foods.

This doctor supervised weight loss and inch loss program is a “starvation free” program that allows you to eat balanced meals with snacks through out the day while achieving weight loss AND inch loss.  This program specifically targets fat, so in addition to weight loss you will see dramatic improvements to areas that have accumulated a lot of fat.


Doctor Supervised program with natural supplements and a safe diet for any condition.

Starvation free diet. Effective weight loss while still enjoying food.

Our clients lose between 20-40 pounds in 60 days. They burn fat and lose inches.

We naturally reset your metabolism and eliminate inflammation in your body with daily sublingual drops and an easy to use app that guides you in what to eat and drink.  You can even chat with our doctor through the app to stay on track.

This program is supervised by Dr. Aitken and provides support directly from the doctor whenever you need it.  You can text the doctor through the app.


  • 60 Day Program
  • All natural with sublingual drops
  • Doctor Supervised
  • Naturally resets your metabolism
  • Lose Fat and KEEP IT OFF
  • No Starvation
  • 24/7 support via app
  • HSA/FSA Approved


  • Log your food easily
  • Scan food package bar codes
  • Chat with the doctor or support staff at any time
  • Receive recipes daily
  • Log your water, exercise, weight and measurements
  • App stats are reviewed by the doctor daily
  • IOS, Android or Online
  • See daily and weekly progress charts!