Frequent Questions about the Stop Smoking Laser

What is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?

LLLT is the application of a cold “pure” laser light to treat certain conditions. Cold Laser Therapy has been used successfully to treat many kinds of muscoskeletal injuries because it promotes healing and tissue repair.   Healing Laser Clinics uses a low level laser to treat clients who would like to quit smoking.

How does LLLT work?

The laser reaches through the skin to stimulate nerve endings.  The treatment is very similar to acupuncture in that we treat acupuncture points with the laser.   The endorphin production may relieve the physical withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking and help keep you from feeling anxious.

Is LLLT safe?

LLLT is non-invasive and medication free.  We use a cold laser that is cool to the touch, not to be confused with a hot, surgical laser.  The laser is considered a “non-significant risk medical device”. It has been used in England, Canada and Europe for over 30 years.  There are no side effects associated with our laser treatment to quit smoking.  The therapy is completely painless and extremely relaxing.

How does your clinic compare with other laser clinics?

Healing Laser Clinics takes every step that they can to help you to become smoke free when visiting our clinic.  We answer the phone until 7pm every night of the week and are always available to answer your questions before and after your treatment.  We use the best laser possible to treat you and we provide top notch counseling to ensure that you understand the physical and psychological habits associated with smoking. Our clinic has been helping people to quit for over 15 years and has helped thousands of people from Central Florida and all over the country to stop smoking.

Healing Laser Clinics is operated by long time smokers that have quit smoking with this therapy.  We understand what smokers are going through when they quit smoking and we hold ourselves to the highest standards in helping you to quit smoking or dipping.

Will this Hurt?

Most people describe an extremely relaxed feeling after the laser session.  The laser is a cold laser and does not hurt.  The laser that we use is a class iii cold laser, not to be confused with a hot, or surgical laser.  Many of our clients end up falling asleep within minutes of starting the therapy because it is so relaxing.

Will I gain weight?

Weight gain may be avoidable when quitting smoking with laser therapy.  Studies conducted in other countries have shown little to no weight gain with LLLT.  If weight gain is a concern, ask your Healing Laser Clinics technician to explain our plan options to help you with your concern.  We now offer an infrared wrap system that helps with detox and aids in body shaping and immediate inch loss.  This is a perfect addition to the laser smoking program because it will assist with the detoxification process and help to eliminate the weight.

What points do you focus the laser on?

We treat 47 points on the ears, face, wrists and hands.  We have a 3 step process for treatment:

1st  – We treat points for nicotine addiction to help block the body’s need for nicotine.

2nd – We treat diet points to control your appetite and avoid excessive weight gain.

3rd  – We treat stress and relaxation points to help avoid withdrawal symptoms and reduce stress and anxiety.

Do you treat people for chewing tobacco, cigars, dip or electronic cigarette addictions?

Yes, we treat with laser therapy for all nicotine addictions including smokers, dippers, chewers and electronic cigarette addicts.

Will my medical insurance cover the cost of therapy?

Because the therapy is so new most insurance will not pay for low level laser therapy at this time.  However, many clients have submitted the receipt to their insurance company and have been reimbursed.  We suggest that you check with your insurance company to see if they will accept it. Laser therapy for smoking cessation may be tax deductible.  Please check with your accountant.

We do accept most flexible spending accounts.  If you work for a large corporation, you can ask your Human Resources Manager to add Healing Laser Clinics to their insurance plan or inquire about a group discount rate.  Smoking Cessation is tax deductible.  Check IRS Publication 502.

Are there any health conditions for which laser therapy is not recommended?

Yes.  Low level laser therapy is not recommended for those who have blockages, tumors, active cancers, epilepsy or for those who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, or those who are pregnant.  If you have concerns, please consult your physician first.

Is your laser clinic under medical supervision?

We are also supervised and the laser treatment is performed by Dr. Lara Aitken, DOM in Orlando, FL.

What form of payment do you take for laser treatments?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, checks and Cash.  We also accept most Flexible Spending Account cards.  We can not accept Discover, Diner’s Club or American Express cards.

Can I purchase a Gift Certificate for a loved one that wants to quit smoking or lose weight?

Yes, we offer gift certificates as well as decorative gift boxes if you want to wrap up a gift certificate and gift it as a gift.


What does the treatment cost?

We often run specials so it is best to call up and find out if we have any promotions going on.  Depending on the sale, treatments are $297.00 and include your initial consultation plus 2 free follow up treatments within the next 12 months if needed.

What are Healing Laser Clinics Hours?

We are open from Monday through Saturday from 9am to 6pm.  If you need an earlier or later appointment, we can accommodate your schedule.  We are closed on Sunday and Monday but we pick up the phones 7 days per week.  Our office is located in Lake Mary, FL.

Where is your clinic located?

The Lake Mary location is located 15 minutes North of downtown Orlando.  The Lake Mary office is located 1 block from the Lake Mary Blvd. exit on I-4.  We are in the Williston Park Plaza and our clinic is minutes from I-4 and 417 in Lake Mary.

Are you the clinic that treated all of the local DJs including Drunky the Bear (Monsters In The morning), Shannon Burke (104.1) , Taco Bob (101.1) , Richard Dixon (96.5) and Bubba Wilson (Monsters in the Morning on 104.1)?

Yes, we are the clinic that treated all of your favorite DJs.  We hope to treat more in the future as radio DJs are excellent examples for people taking positive steps to become healthier by eliminating  their nicotine addictions.

Healing Laser Clinics is seconds from the I-4 exit for Lake Mary Blvd.  We are close to Orlando, Altamonte, Lakeland, Deland, Deltona, Apopka, Titusville, Longwood, College Park, Cocoa, Daytona, Clermont, Kissimmee and Disney.

Are you the clinic that was featured on the Channel 6 News Problem Solvers for your success in helping people to quit smoking and dipping?

Yes, that was our Lake Mary office that was featured.

How do I sign up for the treatment?

All treatments are by appointment only.  Please call us at 407-833-3800 to schedule an appointment for our smoking, weight or stress treatments.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about our services,

Call 407-833-3800