Quit Smoking Laser and Weight Loss

Healing Laser Clinics offers many new laser solutions for various issues. In addition to our stop smoking laser therapy, our other laser solutions include weight loss and stress treatments that are available at both the Lake Mary and Orlando offices. Our stop smoking laser therapy has been effective in treating thousands of people from Orlando and all over Florida for the past 15 years, but Healing Laser Clinics is constantly striving to offer new laser solutions for additional problems that can be addressed without the need for drugs or chemicals.

stop smoking orlando

Smokeless Tobacco Laser Treatments

Did you know that smokeless tobacco users consume about 4x the amount of nicotine as a smoker? We treat smokeless tobacco users with the same laser therapy that we use for smokers, for the same price. You can quit chewing and dipping with our low level laser therapy in Orlando and Lake Mary. We recently treated Bubba Wilson of “The Monsters In The Morning” radio show on Real Radio WTKS in Orlando. Congratulations Bubba!

Weight Loss Laser Treatments

As many of us age, we tend to put on weight and have a difficult time keeping it off. Laser therapy can assist you with your weight loss goals with our cutting edge laser weight loss therapy. Low level laser treatments can help you to feel fuller, faster and can also assist in boosting your metabolism.

It is a fantastic addition to any diet program and is also an excellent treatment option for people who eat when they are stressed or anxious. The lipo laser weight loss is one of our new laser solutions for controlling weight.


Stress Relief Laser Treatments

Stress is an every day part of life that most of us deal with and accept but stress can have a very negative impact on your physical and mental health. No pills, shots or psychologists needed here. Just a calming, relaxing 15 minute laser session to take the stress and anxiety away. There are no side effects associated with our stress relief laser treatments and any of our other laser solutions.

Healing Laser Clinics utilizes a soft, low level laser to treat people for various problems including smoking, dipping, stress and weight loss. The low level laser therapy is painless and provides a feeling of relaxation with every therapy provided.