About Us – Quit Smoking Laser of Florida

Healing Laser Clinics has an absolute passion for helping others to quit smoking, achieve weight loss, and to become the Premier Quit Smoking Laser Therapy Clinic in Orlando, Florida. Every member of Healing Laser Clinics is a past smoker of at least 20 years. Every member has also quit smoking through the use of laser therapy so we understand what you are going through. We will always be available to talk to you and to answer any questions before or after your therapy.

After losing her mother to lung cancer, Melissa Morgan decided to finally quit smoking after 20 years.  She was unsuccessful in the past with patches, hypnotherapy, Chantix, Welbutrin, Smoke-away and trying to quit “cold turkey”.  She heard of a clinic in South Florida that offered laser treatments to quit smoking, and although very skeptical, went to the clinic with her friend, Mark.

Mark, another smoker of 20 years was also extremely skeptical about the quit smoking treatment.  Melissa and Mark walked out of the clinic 45 minutes later and have never had a cigarette since.  Mark called his father, Ken, a smoker of 44 years about the treatment and recommended that he fly to Florida and be treated.  Ken flew down later that month and stopped smoking immediately after treatment.

Soon after, they opened a clinic under the direction of Dr. Dillehay, MD in Lake Mary, Florida. On opening day, Melissa dedicated the clinic to the memory of her mother, Judy Morgan. The clinic has been treating people for smoking cessation and weight loss ever since.  Mark, Melissa and Ken love to help other smokers finally kick the habit and they have a sincere understanding of what the smokers are going through and how to help them with Low level laser Therapy.

It has been over 9 years since Mark, Ken and Melissa quit smoking with cold laser therapy.  Since then, they have treated thousands of clients with the low level laser to quit smoking and dipping.

In the past 15 years Healing Laser Clinics has added some wonderful new weight loss programs to our arsenal of weapons in helping you to become a better you.  We insist that all of our offerings be non-invasive and natural.  Why take a pill for weight loss that is going to hurt you some other way?

We flew to the United Kingdom to train in an AMAZING new weight loss therapy that uses hypnosis to help people feel as if they’ve had a lap band installed for completely natural weight loss.    We also picked up some new and amazing inch loss treatments for natural body sculpting and fat elimination.

Healing Laser Clinics takes smoking very seriously and will do everything in our power to help you break the habit.  Out stop smoking laser clinic has been featured in many local publications and on the Channel 6 News!

We are proud to have Dr. Lara Aitken now providing our laser therapy to clients.  Dr. Aitken is Florida registered acupuncturist and DOM.