Why Should I use Healing Laser Clinics™ for my employees?

We can bring our quit smoking laser service directly to your workplace and treat employees on site.

Healing Laser Clinics™ has a solution for helping your employees to kick the habit. Our Certified Laser Technicians can transport our mobile lasers to your workplace and treat your employees in a designated area of your facility.

Flat fee – per employee pricing plan with unlimited return treatments for 1 year.

All of our incentive is to help your employees quit smoking quickly and easily. With other smoking cessation programs,  their financial incentive is to keep smokers addicted longer, thus continuing to pay for their smoking products.  This includes the pills, patches, gums and consultation programs.

Immediate Treatment

With low level laser therapy, the treatment is immediate.  This is not a program that weans you off of smoking over a long period of time or requires the use of patches or pills over a long period of time.

Most clients who use the laser therapy for smoking quit with the first treatment.  This allows us to come into your corporation and treat employees on-site at any time of the day.  Employees can quit during their lunch time or any designated by the employer.  HLC is flexible with our schedule and can treat any corporation in Florida.

Treatments in your office, a nearby hotel or conference plaza.

Healing Laser Clinics™ can treat employees right in your conference rooms or we can setup 2 treatment rooms in a nearby hotel or plaza.  Healing Laser Clinics™ has relationships with many of the hotels in the Orlando area so finding a treatment location won’t be an issue.  Our treatment is very effective and and takes approximately 30 minutes for each client.  We need 30 minutes to setup and approximately 45 minutes to counsel the group being treated.  All employees receive our quit smoking booklet and  and our “I ain’t kissin no more butts” button after treatment!

Corporate smoking cessation company options for our partners:

  1. Half of fee from employee, company pays rest.
  2. Employee pays all (with possible payroll deduction option)
  3. Employee pays some of fee or all of fee up front and company reimburses after a certain number of months of being smoke free.

Testimonial from HR Director of Nickleodeon Resorts Orlando

“I signed up right away and was one of the first of several team members here to try this treatment. I was very skeptical when I was told how the treatment worked.  I don’t know if it was the massaging laser, the money I forked out, or simply the willingness to really quit this time that did it but I am very proud to say that I have been smoke free since that day. After almost 5 months I breath so much better, have fewer allergy issues, sleep better, and oh yea; eat better!”
Chris Walsh- HR Director, Nickelodeon Resorts

Testimonial from Rosen Resorts Medical Administrator, Kenneth Aldridge

Healing Laser Clinics™ helped over 120 Rosen Hotel employees to quit smoking.

We have great references from HR Managers all over Florida.  We treat companies large and small and provide simple solutions for smoking cessation in your corporation.

Call Healing Laser Clinics™ today to setup a meeting with one of our corporate smoking cessation or weight loss specialists.

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