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Healing Laser Clinics™ offers 4 different therapies for weight loss in Orlando

HLC offers different weight loss plans because no people are the same and weight loss treatments should not be the same for each and every person.  The weight loss treatments at Healing Laser Clinics are effective but non-invasive treatments that don’t require the use of dangerous drugs or surgery.   Our most popular therapies are the Virtual Lap Band and Lipo Light Treatments.  You can burn fast calories and lose immediate inches with our Infrared Body Wrap.

HLC also provides laser therapy for weight loss.  Our laser procedure will help to boost your metabolism and help you to feel fuller quicker.  Our laser therapy will also relax you and help you to avoid the nervous eating that so many people have a habit of doing.  Take a look at some of our programs listed below and call us for a free weight loss consultation!

Weight Loss Laser Therapy

The HLC weight loss laser therapy (pst therapy) is designed to stimulate metabolism which will help your body burn calories more efficiently.  It also promotes a sense of well being and helps you to feel fuller faster.  Your appetite should be suppressed immediately after treatment.  This will allow you to eat smaller portions but feel full.  It can also help “nervous eaters” who generally eat because they are nervous and not because they are hungry.

The weight loss laser treatments have a cumulative effect so that each treatment makes the therapy more effective.  The laser weight loss therapy is a great addition to to the Virtual Gastric band, Lipo Light Therapy or any other supplemental weight loss program.  Most clients need a total of 5-7 treatments for a long term weight loss goal.


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The Perfect Weight Loss Supplement – Infrared Body Wrap

The infrared body wrap will show immediate inch loss, firmer skin and can burn over 1200 calories in a single 50 minute session.   Weight Loss and immediate inch loss are easy with the Infrared Body Wrap.

The Formostartm infrared Body wrap can also firm and improve skin tone and elasticity.  It can assist with cellulite as the infrared heat causes profuse sweating to clear the unwanted debris from trapped pockets beneath the skin.  A new “glow” is achieved as the skin is freed of dirt, toxins and dry skin cells, due to a deep cleansing of unwanted impurities.   It has never been so easy to lose weight and inches. The Infrared Body Wrap makes it possible to lose inches rapidly in a safe way.

The Infrared Body Wrap is a highly effective weight loss, inch loss, pain management, cellular detoxification and physical therapy system that is fast, easy and effective.

The infrared deep heat therapy activates the functions of enzymes and metabolism.  You will lose inches immediately and burn calories. The beauty of the Infrared Body Wrap is that you will burn more calories in (one) 50 minute session than you would with most exercise, but you’ll be laying down in a comfortable, relaxing room while listening to your favorite radio station, cd or ipod music. With Formostar, fat is reduced more rapidly.  The secret to the Formostartm is its rapid targeted inch loss and skin rejuvenation due to immediate blood and oxygen flow causing detoxification and improved skin condition.

During your infrared wrap session, we suggest that you wear a t-shirt and sweat pants.  No shorts please. The padding wraps around your clothing, eliminating the awkward feeling of undressing as is the case with traditional salon type wraps.

Be sure to drink plenty of water the day prior, during and after your infrared wrap session. The Infrared Body Wrap is also a great way for smokers to control their weight after quitting smoking. It will assist the body in the detoxification process and help the body to expel the toxins caused by nicotine ingestion while helping you lose immediate inches at the same time.

Immediate Inch Loss – Skin Toning and Firming – Whole Body Detox – Targeted Fat Loss


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Virtual Gastric Weight Loss Program

For major pound loss, we are now introducing the Virtual Lap Band therapy.  This new weight loss treatment allows you to continue to eat whatever you like, but you will feel fuller much faster and eat half of the amount that you normally do.

How much weight do you think you would lose if you cut your caloric intake in half with little to no effort?   The virtual lap band program uses hypnosis to help you to subconsciously believe that you had undergone the lap band surgery and have a much smaller stomach.

This tricks you mind into telling you that you are full much faster and allows for natural, progressive and healthy weight loss.  The program was recently featured on Doctor Oz!

Our office was featured on Orlando News Channel 13 for our hypnosis programs and virtual lap band for weight loss.

For questions about any one of our new weight loss and to determine which is best for you, call our friendly front desk at 407-833-3800.  We have many packages available for both inch loss and weight loss! more

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Lipo-Mino is a perfect enhancement to any of the body contouring programs that we offer at HLC Wellness.  This will assist in fat breakdown with Velashape and Ultrashape programs as well as additional fat breakdown if you are working out or dieting.


L-Carnitine, choline, and other compounds in the lipotropic injection increase the metabolism of your fat cells and turn them into energy.  Say goodbye to the sluggish feeling that sets in after lunch. Unlike a caffeine jolt that barely helps you make it to 5:00, lipotropic injections provide an energy boost that is both natural and long-lasting.


Lipotropic injections work best when used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise routine. When feelings of sluggishness are replaced with the abundant energy of an increased fat metabolism, you can expect to get more impact from each visit to the gym. Additionally, lipotropic injections help to preserve lean muscle mass, further enhancing your metabolism so that you continue burning calories for hours after you work out. Some formulas also work to suppress the appetite and curb cravings, allowing you to shed pounds even more quickly.


The B vitamins that aid in the fat-burning process also provides a number of brain benefits, including a memory boost, improved clarity and concentration, balanced mood, and the prevention of mental fatigue. If you’re deficient in the B vitamins contained in your lipotropic injection, you can expect to feel an improvement in overall wellness right away.

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