Smoking and Weight Loss Presentations

The HLC team has traveled to dozens of businesses throughout Florida to promote our natural quit smoking and weight loss program.  Initially, we meet with the Human Resources officers to determine which type of program is appropriate for their company and what goals they are trying to achieve for the employees.

Options available:

  • Lunch and learn program for employee education about our smoking and weight loss programs
  • Treatment days for our team to show up and treat employees on-site
  • Corporate discounts cards for employees
  • Ongoing programs for weight loss
  • Lake Mary and Orlando programs for acupuncture and preventative medicine available

Weight Loss Presentations

HLC can offer weight loss programs for your employees at a discounted rate.  Our weight loss programs are all natural and allow employees to lose weight without taking dangerous drugs or undergoing surgery that will keep them out of work for an extended period of time.  HLC offers 4 different programs for weight loss and body sculpting that your employees will love!

Our team provides group presentations for employees that are interested in lifestyle change and preventative maintenance with natural programs including hypnosis and whole body vibration machines.  Call HLC for a free demonstration today!

Acupuncture and Corporate Wellness

HLC provides acupuncture programs and corporate wellness programs designed to educate your employees on the benefits of alternative/holistic programs that can aid in overall health, concentration, hormone imbalances, allergies and pain.  Do you have employees that are afraid of needles?  We use painless, cold laser therapy to treat employees as an alternative to needles.  The laser is just as effective and provides additional benefits for pain and improved healing.

Would like to setup a Q & A session with our corporate acupuncturist?  Call Healing Laser Clinics today!