Healing Laser Clinics was honored to receive the Cross of Lorraine award from the Orlando chapter of the American Lung Association.  Mark Marino, President of Healing Laser Clinics was interviewed on local television during the proceedings.


Healing Laser Clinics strives to continue to educate and help both people and corporations to quit smoking in Florida.  Mark and the other owners of Healing Laser Clinics are all ex-smokers and understand how difficult it can be to quit and how smoking can have complete control over people’s lives.

The clinic was started in 2006 after Melissa Morgans mother, Judy passed away from lung cancer. Just was a life long smoker and had difficulty in quitting even after her lung cancer diagnosis.  Shortly after Judy’s passing, Melissa vowed to quit smoking and find a way to help others to quit smoking.  After Melissa, Mark and Ken quit smoking with laser therapy, they decided to open their first office in Lake Mary, Florida.

With the help of Medical Director, Doctor Michael E Dillehay, Healing Laser Clinics has successfully treated thousands of people throughout the United States.