Lipo Light Inch Loss and Body Sculpting

girl_with_pads_on_stomach   Lipo-Light is a cutting edge light therapy from the UK and they have had this cutting-edge technology for quite some time and we are just now getting it here in the US! Do you know that light is measured in wavelength & frequency? Lipo-Light has developed a wavelength that ONLY affects fat cells. Our 16 paddle machine is the MOST powerful in the industry to super energize each fat cell so that a ‘temporary’ pore opening forms in each cell. The jelly-like contents then spill out into the interstitial tissue to be carried to the lymph system to be used for energy before leaving the body! Basically, it takes a fat cell from a “Grape” and makes it into a “raisin”!! Our Lipo-Light is the MOST effective, one of the safest machines on the market giving consistently clinical superior results much faster!  


How Does The Lipo Light Slimming Work?

Lipo Light produces photo-chemical stimulation of fatty cells with a wavelength of LED light at between 630nm-660nm. This exposure of the fat cell to this specific wavelength over time causes the cell to shrink and develop pores which mobilizes the contents of the fat cell outside of the cell membrane to be easily assimilated as energy for the body. When energy is needed by the body  the brain will send signals to the fatty cells to break down  stored fat.  This is the process of lypolysis. The heat and light from the Lipo-Light tends to stimulate the release of energy which causes a physiological change in your body. Below is a graph that illustrates the effect that Lipo Light has on fat cells after consistent usage. cells losing fat