Virtual Lap Band for Weight Loss

The virtual lap band is a program based on hypnosis that helps you to lose weight naturally and with zero side effects. Through a series of treatments, your subconscious will allow to believe that you went through the actual lap band surgery and that your stomach has shrunk to the point that you can only eat small amount of food.

This program allows you to eat the same foods that you always enjoyed but simply helps you in eating less of it. You’ll find yourself fuller quicker and eating half of the portions that you would traditionally eat. Of course, consuming half of the calories that you normally take in is going to aid in a natural, gradual safe weight loss.  Imagine not having to count calories, worry about carbs or having to eat pre-packaged foods or shakes.  This diet program makes weight loss easy because it’s all about subconsciously helping you to feel fuller much faster and eating less food.

“With the virtual lap band I am very AWARE of just exactly what and how much I eat. .”
Letitia Huber
“I was glad to see that in just my first week I lost 3 lbs.  I’m also not as tired and my body just feels good. “
Brandy Homs
” I have lost close to 20 pounds in the process of hypnotherapy. It is a painless way of undergoing a lap band surgery. “
Luis Negron
“I decided to give a call and try one last option before surgery.  I have been on the program for 6 weeks and lost 19 lbs. “
Amanda H

Why Virtual Lap Band for Weight Loss?

  • No dangerous or expensive surgery
  • No prescription medication
  • No dieting required
  • Eat the foods that you love
  • Safest weight loss program available
  • Lose 1-5 pounds per week


The difference between Surgical Lap Bands and the new Virtual Lap Band

Question Surgical Method of Band Virtual Lap Band
What Is It? An adjustable silicone band that is placed around thew top part of the stomach which creates a small pouch the size of a golf ball A hypnosis procedure that subconsciously tricks your mind into contracting a band of muscles around the upper part of your stomach. You awaken and imagine that you have been through the surgery and experienced a shrinking of the stomach.
How Does It Work? When food enter the pouch, the stomach feels full.Food slowly trickles into the main stomach area.Adjustable through the use of a saline injection or removal through a tube with a port below the skin You feeler full very with small portions of food, reducing hunger and increasing weight loss.This is adjustable through hypnotic suggestions and is very similar to the surgical band.
What sort of weight loss? 60% excess weight loss but requires the effort of all gastric band procedures to be successful with the program. Your subconscious is doing the work. The program helps with deep seated emotional issues that can lead to obesity and eating too much. Hypnosis has been used to aid people in weight loss for years.  This therapy is new to the USA and has been wildly popular in Europe.
Potential Problems Malfunction of the unit No problems with this program Your mind is in complete control Long list of benefits and much safer than surgical procedure.Why have surgery when you can accomplish weight loss with your mind?
Time off of work 1 week is needed No time off needed
Cost $15,000-$30,000 Total Cost, Less than $1,000

virtual gastric band orlando

Ken Marino – National Guild Certified Hypnotist and Instructor

Ken Marino is a Florida hypnotist who graduated from Omni hypnosis and studied all of the great hypnotist’s styles so that he could offer individualized programs for each and every client.
A few years ago, Ken heard about a very promising therapy in the Europe called the “Virtual Lap Band” which helped client’s to feel as if they were going through the lap band surgery and have a smaller stomach as a result of it.
After further study, Ken decided to fly to the UK and train under Sheila Granger, the famed hypnotist in the UK that pioneered the Virtual Lap Band therapy there. After Ken trained under Sheila, he studied various weight loss hypnosis techniques to formulate the powerful program that he uses today.

Ken does not believe in a cookie cutter approach to weight loss hypnosis and customizes each and every session to the client’s current needs.  Ken’s program is becoming increasingly successful in Orlando and Central Florida as more and more people realize that they don’t need to take prescription drugs to lose weight.

Virtual Lap Band includes a total of 8 sessions over a period of 8 weeks.

Ken was recently featured on Channel 13 News in Orlando for his amazing weight loss program!